Patti Marcotte

I brought Keno to Melinda over the summer after he was essentially abused by another trainer (long and sad story actually, and because I want this to be about the good stuff, I won't elaborate). He was a bundle of nerves, I always called him my "hot" and "wild and crazy" horse! I had aspirations of showing him from the day I got him and it was looking like anything other than looking like a fool in the show ring was out of the question! Maybe he just wasn't a good fit for my lazy old self. Maybe Melinda could do for me what she did for my daughter and give me the confidence to ride this wild and crazy guy. If not, I would find a home better suited for his personality. It took a couple months to undo the past damage, but then she went to work turning him into a show horse! If has been now a couple months of actual progressive training (not undoing training) and WOWZA! For a guy who endured unspeakable abuse to his face via the bit, he now takes that bit and walks into it! I about cried the first time I saw him do it and got chills when he did it for me! He is no longer my "hot" or "crazy" horse! He is a big old lazy goober with a huge personality and isn't a bit shy about telling you how much he enjoys circles! I am no longer afraid to ride him, in fact...I look so forward to it! I cannot even begin to properly express how pleased I have been with Melinda and her training skills! I cannot wait to see all this work pay off in the show ring next year! If you have a horse you would like to get started or take to the next level, please call her! You won't be disappointed!!.

I met Melinda years ago, when we both were working for another trainer. Melinda was a huge part of me growing up and keeping my passion of horses. She taught me a lot when we worked together, and I would recommend her to anyone, she's not only a good trainer but she keeps her horses well-cared-for! Melinda also truly cares about each person and helping them reach their goals.

Amber Perkins

Sheri Boito Hibbs

I have known Melinda for Many Years, Horse crazy she is,
She is a woman of knowledge not only in the training field but breeding as well,Her Passion as always been Horses mostly the Arabians. She has studied bloodlines and other stallions thru out the years and know what a great nick to use. Not for a specialty but for a beautiful versatile Arabian. Her stallion CH Marquis aka Sparky is spectacular He has a blending of the Classic and modern look and with his pedigree makes him a great cross on todays Arabians, He consistency sires beautiful heads ,tight in ears, great shaped necks, smooth bodies ,and fabulous tail carriage. I have 2 daughters by him and am quite excited to cross them on ferrari.
Her ability as trainer is outstanding, From childhood again she did alot of research and experimenting and have found what works best with her training, All the horses she has started all are confident and happy and will do anything you ask.

She has trained several of mine and has done well with them in the show ring. As a teacher she has #1 taught confidence , She not only teaches to ride but teaches her students the overall horseman ship. 
The horses she has Trained have gone on and have done excellent in the shown ring . If you have a horse you want started or refreshed or need some basic to advanced lessons give her a call, You will love what she can do for you..